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Knew exactly what to post, when to post, and what to say. Every. Single. Time. ?

Had a DM box full of dream clients ready to book your services?

Had followers that eat up your content and can’t wait to engage with you!


And what if...

Instagram™ felt like the bestie you actually love hanging out with?

Ditch the Dread ...

Your business and Instagram™ SHOULD be besties! Instagram™ was made for beautiful images and connecting with people who are inspired by your work! 

It doesn’t have to be hard. You shouldn’t worry if you’re doing it right or getting the most out of it. 

So go delete all those other freebies & webinars cluttering up your inbox - because I have something just for you!

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If you're ready to stop wasting your time on the 'gram™ and start seeing real results - you're in the right place!

Let me tell you why...
I know how it feels to waste time (and money!) trying to figure out what to post or say to get more customers on Instagram™.
To have free 'training' emails filling up your inbox, Instagram™ challenges you didn't get to even though you were sure this was the one that you were going to do, or all those free Facebook™ groups that you're trying to piece information together from.
And even with all of that, you're still not 100% sure what to post on Instagram™ or what to say.
Between trying to be a pro photographer with your phone, trying to evoke emotion to connect with your followers through your captions, and always having to be camera ready just in case you need to show up on InstaStories™, Instagram™ starts to feel overwhelming. Or a never ending dark hole of despair.
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Did you know?

Instagram™ has revolutionalized how we plan weddings & events!

83% of wedding planning is now done online.

Over 75% of couples follow vendor(s) on Instagram™?

Over 81% use it to research and discover new services

80% Use social media to determine whether to book a service or not!

Tapping Into The Power Of Instagram™ For Your Business Requires Three Things...


It’s not just about posting often enough. Booking luxury clients from Instagram™ requires that you show up with confidence, moxie, and vision every single time you post! Slayer’s Society helps you do that in less than 10 minutes a day! Efficient, Effective, and Easy!

Instagram still isn’t bringing you a steady stream of inquiries...
One glance at all the other event professionals on Insta shows that their engagement is off the charts. They post one pic and in minutes they have tons of likes, comments, and business inquiries. 
Their stories have polls and people are interested enough to actually vote. They do an impromptu Live and there are hearts floating up from the bottom right-hand corner from their fans and followers. They have “swipe up” offers that are no doubt getting traction.
And then there’s your Instagram...


Your dream clients are just waiting for you to express yourself! Developing a personal style is essential for booking luxury clients through Instagram™. Even if you’re not a graphic designer! It’s handled! Give your Instagram a glow-up with new templates, graphics, and captions every month.


Follower counts are useless if they don’t care about your business and want to have a connection with you. Growing your business through Instagram™ means you’re building a solid fan base of wedding couples, style admirers, and fellow creative partners. We have our pom poms out and ready to go. Slay Society was created to give you the support, accountability, and fans you need to continue growing with Instagram™! 

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Hello! I'm Jessie Khaira

I started my wedding business back in 2003. Every year I grew slowly but nothing I did really blew my business up the way I hoped it would. I started using Instagram in 2012 but let’s just say… I wasn’t slaying anything! 
In 2014 something changed. I started learning about the core of social media marketing. Everything made so much more sense! 
I learned the magic of the know, like, and trust factor. Then I used that knowledge to crack the code on integrating it into my Instagram™ account.


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By 2015 I was booking events 2 years in advance. My business was making multiple six figures and my clients were the most aligned they’d ever been!
They found me on Instagram™! I was booking luxury events through direct messages and my followers were referring their friends through Instagram! 

Now I am absolutely obsessed with helping women in the wedding & event industry learn how to use Instagram™ to attract high-end events and clients you love.  

I love seeing the huge wins our members are receiving by following our simple, straight to the point, and timely advice! 

I believe every wedding professional can make more money and create the life they want just by SLAYING Instagram™! 

What Is Slayers Society?

The Slayers Society is the ONLY girls club for wedding professionals looking to dominate on Instagram™! Members receive monthly template drops, deep dive planning sessions, graphics, fill in the blank captions, and more. 

But let’s be honest… you’re also getting a community of other wedding pros who are ready to cheer you on as you grow your business. I’ll be there every step of the way to guide, challenge, and direct you! Because I believe you can totally do this! 

Join The Slayers Society Monthly Membership For Wedding Industry Professionals Today.

Here's what you get for your $67 USD / month membership...

Monthly Done-For-You Instagram™ Growth Kit

Finally!! An antidote for "What do I post?".

In my years helping women with their businesses, there is one thing I see women constantly wasting time on...

Figuring out what to post on Instagram™ that builds their business (but without feeling salesy).

That's why every single month, you'll get an Instagram™ Growth Kit, complete with a done-for your monthly content calendar, prompts, scripts, and new strategies to try!

It's the ultimate time-saver! 🙌🏼

(20 Instagram™ Story Prompts, 16 Done For You Captions, 8 Reels Prompts, and more!)

Monthly Masterclasses

with Jessie and hand-selected guest experts

These masterclasses* are created to deep dive into one specific area that will help you grow your business.

Topics covered - Instagram releases a new feature, a new strategy, mindset, tech, email marketing, sales psychology, and more!


First masterclass is December 18 all about setting your 2021 goals and creating your marketing plan for the year!

Monthly Group Coaching, Planning, and Get Shit Done Sessions

Every month you'll get access to access to myself, members of my team, or guest experts to help you get 'unstuck' in your business, create plans to meet your goals, or work in Pomodoro style sessions to execute the plan!

You never have to worry about missing any of the sessions as they will be recorded and added into the member portal.

You read that right! Everything is always at your fingertips with our member portal and app!

Slayers Society Community

You know what they say...

You are the average of the 5 people you surround yourself with.

I am on a mission to cultivate a community of women that support each other, collaborate, and uplift each other. You new group of business besties who will support you through anything!


Does Instagram™ seem like one more thing you have to keep up with? 

The entire goal of The Slayers Society is to make attracting clients on Instagram™ strategic and effortless. 

I know what it’s like to get home after an event, peel off your heels, and feel responsible to post something brilliant and beautiful on Instagram™- when all I wanted to do was climb into bed until next week! 

It doesn’t have to be like that! So I’m fixing that! 

Instead, I want you to sit down during our monthly planning meeting and get the help and guidance you need to create a schedule for your content. 

Every other week we’ll check in with you and help you focus on getting your insta-work done and off your plate. 

You’ll have templates, story prompts, reels, and fill in the black content available to you every single month! 

And when you need to rant or rave our private community is the perfect place to get immediate feedback and help! Or to celebrate with your Slay Sisters! 

You can SLAY Instagram™! And I’m here to help you do that! 

No one has time to be online all day, including you. 

Not only does it seem like other event designers never run out of content to post - they also never run out of time to post it all. 
Their Instagram stories are always 20+ photos long, and deep down you’re certain they have a fanbase that eats up all their content and begs for seconds. 
How do they keep all their content fresh, post new things on the regular, and still have time to actually work?


And it wasn’t too long ago, either!

When it came to monetizing my Instagram, I was totally out of my element. 
Now as a wedding/event designer, I could make anything look good. My social media posts were no exception. 
My photos were gorgeous, my color palette was on point, and my composition was second-to-none (if I do say so myself).  
But even though my posts were pretty, they were also pretty useless at marketing! 
I had no idea how to create content so compelling that it would sell my services for me.
I didn’t even understand how anyone would book a call with me just based off of a post (more on that later).
I looked at all the other event designers that were slaying social media and thought to myself, “Stuff like that just won’t ever happen to me.”
Because it Changed My Life! 
Did you know one of the best tools for making money is Instagram™ Stories?
I’ve used stories to book high-end clients, stay consistent with my brand, and show my style to the world! 
It was Instagram™ Stories that really gave my dream clients a look into what it was like to work with me! 
That’s why I’m GIFTING you my course called Sell With Stories. 
We want you to learn our exclusive tricks for using all the benefits stories have to offer. 
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No doubt about it: Video is a powerhouse marketing tool.  I'll show you how video can help you generate more leads, create more meaningful connections, and (yup!) close more sales.

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Think you don't have any good stories? Think again! If you woke up this morning, you have entertaining content to share. I'll teach you how to turn even the most mundane events into stories that convert.

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Not super families with Instagram™ Stories yet? Not a problem! I'll walk you through all the need-to-know info and explain why stories are worth your time.

Here's what you'll find inside!

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That means you'll receive The Slayers Society and Sell With Stories when you join right now! You'll have have the knowledge and support you need to thrive on Instagram™!



Show the world what you and your business are capable of!

This is YOUR time to SLAY!


Just In Case You Had Questions...

YES! You get all of this EVERY. SINGLE. MONTH.

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I know you might have more questions! That's ok! Just pop on over and send me a DM @jessiekhaira

I'm happy to help you decide if this program is the right fit for you!







Skipped To The Bottom?

No Problem!

Slayers Society is a monthly membership for ambitious women ready to grow this service based business.

Every month you get - 

Instagram™ Growth Kit

20 Instagram™ Story Prompts | 16 Done For You Captions | 8 Reels Prompts | 3-5 Canva Templates

Monthly Masterclasses

Deep dive into one specific area that will help you grow your business!

Monthly Group Coaching, Planning, and Get Shit Done Sessions

Every month you'll get access to myself, members of my team or guest experts to help you propel forward in your business and execute your plan!

Slayers Society Community

Facebook Group | Members Portal | App


And you'll be locked into the price you pay today for as long as you're a member as long as you're a member in good standing!