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At Jessie Khaira Events, luxury is not just a word, a price point, or the latest trending couture brand.  Luxury is something we live and breathe in relation to our clients.

It's giving you the gift of time.  Our four step process, accelerates the planning process so you can enjoy your time with loved ones and the things that bring you joy while we execute the event of your dreams!

It's about carrying on the tradition of Indian hospitality.  We will act as an extended arm of the family, leaving your guests feeling valued and cared for.

It's about creating unparalleled experiences for your guests.  We know your priority is to ensure every one that walks into any of your events is left awe-struck.  The five senses are taken into consideration for all parts of the experience.  From the aroma in the air to the flavours exploding tastebuds.  The tactile experience accented with audio and visuals.



As elite Indian wedding planners & designers in Canada, we offer our services to engaged couples looking for full service planning and event design.
The experience of working with Jessie Khaira Events is second to none. Every single detail is important to us, from the moment your guest receives their invite until the last guest leaves the wedding reception. We pride ourselves in creating awe-inspiring experiences for you and your guests resulting in all events being customized to your requirements. Please do note that  we must be booked for planning, design, management, and production for all events.
Although we specialize in Indian weddings, we do take on full production private events based on availability. 

Rendezvous (Rishta)

To assure that we are a good fit for our working relationship we start with a complimentary consultation upon receiving your completed application. 

Ensuring each of our clients has an amazing experience is of utmost importance to us resulting in having to limit the number of events we take on every year. Thus, should we decide to move forward with the relationship, we will send you our booking terms, policies, and pricing.

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Courtship (Rokh)

We start working on the planning and design of your event immediately beginning with establishing the overall scope of the event(s).

From there we start building your creative team by sourcing companies and products that fit within the overall vision and aesthetic of the event.

We then present you with an overall design deck and review the budget with you for complete transparency before your final approval.

Engagement (Mangni)

This is when the design starts coming to life! 

All creative partners are reserved with payment resulting in all purchases, inventory reservations, and building of custom installations to begin.


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Marriage (Viah)


The dedicated management team steps in with a minute by minute production schedule which is distributed to your entire creative team.

Three weeks before the event, you receive a list of all remaining team payments and an in depth review of the production schedule.

From there, the first wedding week event arrives!