Elevate your design proposals to position yourself as an event design expert.


Are you ready to be taken seriously as an event designer?

Are you ready to show up confidently with designs that are a true reflection of your vision?

Then it's time to show up as an authority by investing in a creative system that assists you in articulating your design ideas to covert leads into paying clients.

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Tell me, is this you?

  • You have amazing ideas but don't have a portfolio to match.
  • When perspective clients come to you for their events they don't understand your vision so before you can even create the magic you know you're capable of, they've turned you down. Worst part is, it feels like they don't trust you as an event designer.
  • Your events aren't being executed the way you envision because there is no clear communication to help your team or creative partners understand your vision.
  • You want to create beautiful design boards to help you sell your ideas to clients but without knowing how to utilize the fancy design programs, you feel lost and overwhelmed.
  • Your events tend to miss the mark on execution as you find yourself trying to do multiple things at once as your team and creative partners don't have a clear understanding of what you're trying to create.  

It doesn't have to be this way!


What if you could clearly showcase the vision for an event?

What if you could show them exactly how you plan on setting the table?

What if I told you, with the right tools, you can attract more clients, actually execute more beautifully designed events, and have your clients excited about your ideas?

Not only that but what if you could save time AND not be stressed throughout the process either?! 

Have your clients trust your and your vision?

Lead your team by having a visual plan for them to follow so you aren't overstretched and overwhelmed throughout the set up process of an event?

And do it all while you position yourself as a leader and expert?

How do I know this is possible? Because it's not only the system I have used with my clients but have helped other event designers, just like you, do the same!


Video Lessons

The video lessons cover everything from what, why, and how you can use the lessons to elevate your design proposals.


You'll not only receive templates to create beautiful design decks for your clients but also get access to trainings to create detailed mock-ups.


Never be worried about missing a crucial piece of the design process again! Select everything you need for the project and check it off as you go!

Imagine creating mock-ups that allowed clients to SEE your vision for their event coming to life?

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It's time to start being known, and being paid, like the talented event designer you are!


Imagine this...

Effortlessly getting clients and creative partners on board with your ideas.

Finally getting to create the meticulously beautiful events you always knew you wanted to create! (And do it without the frustration of trying to explain your vision to your team or creative partners!)

Confidently booking clients knowing you have a solid creative system to execute the beautiful events they see on social media.

Having the confidence to guide your clients, creative partners, and team through EXECUTING events that truly capture the vision you created for the event.


Meet Your Instructor

Jessie Khaira has been in the wedding & events industry since 2003 doing everything from decorating, designing, planning, to educating other event professionals. 

Jessie has had the honour of being published internationally for her luxury South Asian weddings. She's also had the honour of winning multiple awards with her taking the most pride to not only win for the Best Wedding Across Canada but also be the youngest to do so.

Jessie is a strong believer of community over competition and is passionate in helping other event designers build holistically wealthy businesses. 

Have Questions?

Start confidently showcasing your ideas.

It's time perspective clients and creative partners see you as the talented designer you are.  Show up as the expert using this proven system and take the lead of the design process.