Apps To Use With Instagram

Instagram used to freak me out.

I knew it worked, and it worked well, but damn I sometimes felt like I just couldn’t keep up.

Here are some of the apps I have used (or am using) to make being consistent on Instagram easier.


I've used Grum, Planoly, Preview, & Later. I feel that picking a scheduling app is such a personal preference as we all like different things about tech.

Creating Stories

My favourite apps are Over and Canva. I can create graphics for my stories within minutes, making posting and being consistent that much easier. I also have templates available for purchase if you’re looking just to drag and drop instead of having to create something from scratch.

Editing Video

Now, this is something that is done by a team member, as editing video makes me want to pull my hair out, but she uses InShot.

Editing Photos

I’ve used the lightroom app to edit my decor pictures back in the day when I would take them in dark banquet halls. Nowadays, my photographer just does what she needs to do to make me look better! 🤣 😉


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